We are an independent sales and marketing provider that will work
with you to understand equipment rental and purchasing needs while introducing
you to pre-qualified vendors in your area that meet your criteria.

The Imaging Connection can provide you with creative lease packages tailored to fit your budget, by working with a variety of leasing companies and lenders. They work hard in structuring the right plan for your organization, and generally will have an indication of your credit standing within a few days. Each of our leasing

options can also be combined with a service contract so as to give you one simplified monthly payment.

Capital Lease:

If you want to own your own equipment at the end of you lease term, a capital lease might be your best choice. Capital leases are reflected on your balance sheet much like a bank loan and allow you to take advantage of depreciation benefits throughout the duration of the lease.

Operating Lease:

If low monthly payments and flexibility are most important to you, an operating lease might be your best choice. An operating lease allows you to record each payment as an operating expense and gives you the flexibility to return, re-lease or purchase your equipment when your lease expires. This is a good option when leasing used equipment, especially when you choose to upgrade to newer technology at the end of each term.

Deferred Payment Leases and fee per study plans are also available.

Information needed from each lease applicant is a completed credit application, financial statements and tax returns.