We are an independent sales and marketing provider that will work
with you to understand equipment purchasing needs while introducing
you to pre-qualified vendors in your area that meet your criteria.

training are all guaranteed lead builders and have all proven successful in growing a sales department in a competitive and struggling economy.   

Behind the scenes we have developed quoting programs, protocols for the flow of departments, equipment refurbishing protocols, sales control, coordination of equipment installations and the flow and schedule of a mobile rental fleet.   

We have worked hard at forming relationships with companies that really know and understand their core business.  Whether it is MRI, CT, Ultrasound, x-ray or biomedical services we have learned never to burn bridges in this industry while maintaining a reputation for honesty, integrity and being able to get the job done. 

Our Mission statement – Provide an exceptional product, take care of your customers throughout, be honest, and they will continue to come back.