We are an independent sales and marketing provider that will work
with you to understand equipment purchasing needs while introducing
you to pre-qualified vendors in your area that meet your criteria.

  • Detector replacement
  • Choice of workstations
  • Installations/De-installations
  • 24/7 service

Refurbishment/Remanufacturing process:

  • Professional incoming inspection
  • All system mechanics are inspected, cleaned, lubricated and replaced if necessary
  • All electromechanical parts are removed, inspected, adjusted, lubricated and tested
  • All electronic components are tested and defective boards are replaced
  • All belts and cables not meeting specifications are replaced
  • Entire system is thoroughly cleaned and painted with durable epoxy paint

    Remanufacturing Process Also Includes the Following Steps:

  • Detectors are rebuilt with new crystal assemblies
  • Quality Testing
  • Complete quality assurance testing and acceptance plan to ensure entire system performs to
  • OEM standards and meets all requirements set by regulatory authorities
  • Installation
  • Transportation to your site on air ride truck using custom packaging kits and shipping dollies
  • Installation by qualified field service personnel
  • Start-up and repeat check of systems performance
  • Presentation of user manuals and technical documentation
  • Warranty and Service
  • Two-day applications training included with up to 8 hours of CEU credits available per technician
  • Full one-year warranty by qualified field service personnel
  • Complete parts support for at least 10 years from date of purchase
  • 24/7 technical support